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CalGames 2018

        CalGames is an annual robotics competition that plays the FRC challenge and is run by the community. In October, we attended CalGames 2018, which lasted two days and had 32 teams attending. Out of the 32, we placed 8th seed in our qualification matches, with a record of 6-1. This meant that we would then become an alliance captain and pick two other teams to form a three team alliance. We ended up picking Team 100 from Woodside High School and Team 5104 from Pacific Grove, forming the 6th seed alliance (some higher seeded teams were chosen by other higher seeded teams, moving our captain status from the #8 alliance up to the #6 alliance). In the quarter finals, we led our alliance to a 2-1 victory over the 3rd seeded alliance, propelling us into the semi-finals. Unfortunately, we lost 1-2 to the 8th seeded alliance, in part due to all 3 of our alliance's robots breaking. Even though we didn't win the competition, we still did very well, especially for a rookie team. In addition to our successful run, we also won two awards at CalGames: the rookie inspiration award, and the highest seeded rookie award.